Base office and Community Kitchen

About this project

This dynamic facility will serve as a secure storage hub, offering both open and covered laydown areas for construction materials, plant and equipment, as well as industrial consumables, including fuel. Beyond its foundational role in supporting construction needs, the Logistics Base will also function as a secondary biosecurity pest containment area, ensuring the integrity of goods released from the primary biosecurity compound.

Adaptable Functionality Over Time

As the developmental focus at Little Paradise evolves over time, so too will the purpose of the Logistics Base. Initially, it will play a crucial role in civil works and building construction. However, its functionality is poised to expand, transitioning to support mining activities and eventually contributing to the burgeoning aquaculture development in the region.

Little Paradise Logistics Base Camp

Base Camp: A Comprehensive Development

Part of the early Base Camp development on Lease 1, the Logistics Base will host a vehicle and heavy equipment servicing workshop. This strategic inclusion positions it as one of the primary pieces of infrastructure in the initial phases of Little Paradise development. Accompanying this workshop are accommodation and administration facilities, seamlessly extending onto Lease 2.

Sustainable Construction Approach

Our commitment to sustainability and efficiency is exemplified through the construction approach. Modular buildings, currently under construction in Darwin, will be transported to the site for installation once civil works are complete. Construction of the Base Camp is anticipated to commence by mid-2022, marking a significant milestone in the realisation of the Little Paradise vision.

Empowering Traditional Owners

In line with our dedication to community engagement and empowerment, we are excited to present Traditional Owner Business Opportunities. Explore roles in logistics facility management, mechanical servicing, and become an integral part of the Base Camp’s operation by taking on responsibilities in accommodation and messing services. Join us on this transformative journey, where Little Paradise becomes a thriving nucleus of development, sustainability, and community collaboration.

Little Paradise Logistics Base Camp

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